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Date: 18-23 September 1996
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

Music: Giacomo Puccini (Final pages completed by Franco Alfano)
Libretto: Giuseppe Adami / Renato Simoni
Original Play: Carlo Gozzi

The Opera Society of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Children's Choir
Chorusmaster: Raymond Fu
Childrens' Coach: Shirley Yeung
Production Pianists: Lily Yeung / Anna Lo / Wong Tin-wing

The Hong Kong Sinfonietta
Conductor: Long Yu

Set Designer: Ivan Cheng Si-leung
Costume Designer: Lorraine Naylor
Lighting Designer: Tommy Wong
Choreographers: Paxia Wumaler / Gao Feng
  (Choreography based in part on the work of Michelle Williams)
Technical Director: Frank Yeung
Production Manager: Catherine Cheng
Assistant Director: Frankie Ho
Director and Producer: Lo King-man

The Cast
Turandot Soprano: Pamela Kucenic /Adrienne Dugger
Calaf Tenor: Antonio Ordonez / Xiaojun Deng
Liu Soprano: Gail Dobish / Yan-yan Wang
Timur Bass: John Macurdy / Derek Anthony
Ping Baritone: Ping Yu
Pang Tenor: Melvin Lowery
Pong Tenor: Jose Manuel de Sousa
Emperor Tenor: Wong Chi-chuen
Mandarin Baritone: Derek Anthony / Sylvester Che
Court Ladies Soprano: Kirsty Chan / Margaret Yim

Grand Opera in 3 Acts
Act I     Outside the palace
Act II    Scene i    The ministers
           Scene ii    In the palace
Act Ill   Scene i    By the lake
           Scene ii    In the palace

Chorus of The Opera Society of Hong Kong
The Opera Society of Hong Kong was founded by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic singers. They come from all walks of life and share the common interest in promoting western opera and musical theatre to the general public. Since 1992, they performed in the Urban Council?s productions of Verdi's Otello, Rigoletto, La Traviata, and Lucia di Lammermoor under the supervision of chorusmaster and chairman Raymond Fu. They aspire to attain the highest standards of performance comparable with the best choruses around the world.

Penny Day
Julia Han
Katherine Kwong
Ester Lee King-wo
Mak Yuen-yee
Joanne To
Leora Williams
Sue Wilkinson
Shirley Yeung Shuet-kwan
Gloria Yuen Wing-yan
Sandi Chan Sum-tim
Chiew Tsz-ying
Patience Fung
Sonia Lee
Sandy Lee
Leung Sze-wai
Amanda Liu
Amy Yeung Kwun-yee

Petra Bach
Amanda Chan Ngai-yuan
Jeanny Chou
Lai Ka-man
Julianna Li Chun-wai
Sin Wing-yee
Maggie Siu Yiu
Sze Siu-wan
Phoebe M Tang
Esther Chan
Anne Cheng
Cathy Chong
Elsie Ho Ngai-zie
Rosa Lam
Ng Po-yee
Amy Luk
Nancy Wong

Neil Drave
Hon Cheong-wah
Daniel G Mallari
Pun Chi-kit
Wong Chi-chuen
Peter Yuen Kin-kwan
Andrew Chung Chi-wing
Kenneth Lee Kun-fai
Orlando Mang
Ian Robinson
Peter Thorp
Yeung Yun-loong
Yip Pak-hay

Patrick Chan Kwok-kin
Lam Kwok-cheung
Colin Lau Tak-wai
Lee Ka-hing
Milton Leung
Patrick Lo
Ken Ng Chun-keung
Don McGown
Ngai Tak-fai
Pong Chung-lam
Wu Hiu-fung
Thomas Chan Chun-hong
Chiu Pak-shing
Kwan Shiu-kee
Charles Leung
Loh Chi-sing
Mak Chi-keung
Shum Ka-fai
Matthew Wong
Wong Po-to

The Hong Kong Children's Choir
The Hong Kong Children's Choir was founded in 1969 as a private non-profit-making organization. Since its inception in 1969, the Choir has won international recognition as one of the best children's choirs in the world. The Choir has toured all over the world, performing in world expos, symposiums and music festivals to high acclaim as the "Little Goodwill Singing Ambassadors from Hong Kong". During July and August this year, the Choir has toured Canada, USA and Japan, participating in different International choral and cultural festivals. The Hong Kong Children's Choir also organizes and participates in different local performances, giving great support in developing children?s artistic training in Hong Kong. Today, nearly 2,500 boys and girls are receiving singing, instrumental, dancing and painting training from the Choir.

Children Chorus
Chan Lok-hang
Chan To-yan
Chan Wai-yan, Cathy
Chan Wing-him
Chan Wing-hong
Cheung Bun-ming
Chung Nga-ting, Iding
Ho Jee-jin
Hon Cheuk-ting
Ip Wing-won
Kwong Wing-ki
Lee Hoi-jing, Agnes
Lee Ka-fung, Calvin
Lim Long-heng
Tse Sin-wai
Wan Man-sze, Mancy
Wong Chi-wah
Wong Hiu-ching
Wong Lok-yan
Wong Michelle
Wu Yat-man
Yeung Mei-ting
Yip Yue-ching, Eugene
Yu Cheuk-wa

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