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Samson and Delilah

Date: 19-20 May 2004
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall
Music: Camille Saint-Saens
Libretto: Ferdinand Lemaire  

Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra
The Opera Society of Hong Kong
Conductor: Patrick Fournillier
Director: Warren Mok
Chorusmaster: Raymond Fu
Multi-media Designer: Billy Tang
Costume Designer: Kenneth Leung
Lighting Designer: Kim Lee
Choreographer: Jin Ran Ran

The Cast
Samson: Mark Baker

Delilah Annie Vavrille
High Priest of Dagon: Phillippe Fourcade
Abimelech: Guy Bonfiglio
Old Hebrew: Nicolas Cavallier
1st Philistine: Herbert Tam
2nd Philistine: Kinsen Leung
Messenger: Andrew Goatly
Child: Leighton Mok

The Story
Palestine, 1150 B.C.
Act I  Believing strongly in God for the liberation of the Hebrews, Samson leads a bold opposition towards their enemy Philistines in Gaza. He killed the Philistine commander, Abimelech, who denounces the Hebrews and their God and leads the Hebrews away. Samson falls in love with the Philistines beauty Deliliah, and she invited him to celebrate the victory of the Hebrews with the pleasures of love.

Act II Delilah tells the High Priest her plan to avenge for her people by seducing Samson. Bewitched by her charms, Samson shows his love by confiding in her the secret of his strength in his log hair. Having learned the secret. Delilah cuts off his hair and renders the hero powerless.

Act III Being captured in a dungeon and binded. Samson hears the voices of his people outside who suffering from his sin have once again enslaved and prays that God may spare his people and punish him alone. Inside the temple of Dagon, the Philistines revive their orgaiastic worship of Dagon. Samson is then led to the temple by a child. Delilah and the High Prieset mock the fallen hero. Burning with humiliation, remorse, and vengeance, he prays to God for mercy and to restor his strengthen. Through God's grace, with a mighty effort Samson pulls down the pillars of the Philistine temple and destroys his enemy and himself.
Chorus of The Opera Society of Hong Kong
The Opera Society of Hong Kong was established in 1992 and performed more than 15 operas and much of the standard choral repertoire since then. Apart from working with famous orchestras such as the Academy of St Martin?s in the Fields, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, the Choir also sang with the Anonymous 4 and recorded a CD Fruits on the Tree  published by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2002 which had received great critical acclaim: ?well-balanced voice parts, sensational singing, a first class chorus in Hong Kong?.
Chorusmaster: Raymond Fu
Rehearsal Pianists: Chan Wing Mui
BACH, Petra
CHEUNG Kit-shan,Veronica
FU, Shirley             
Brigit Fung
Donna Ho
Kim Hae Kyung
Katherine Kwong
Michelle Lam Min Shun
Lianne Lam
Winnie Lee
LI Si-lai                  
Christina Lo Ming Ying
Chris Luk Kit Ying
Emily MOK Yee-ying
Anna NG Wai-yi    
Anna Tang
Vivian Ting
Frances Wong
Jane Yang
Carrie Young
Monica Yu
Esther Chan
Janet Chui Shing-yan
Selana Kong
Ada Lai Pui Yin
Maria Lam Wai Yee
Law Pui Ha
Sindy Lee Sin Yee
Rita Leung
Bertha Lo Yin Lan
Connie Ng
So Lai Fong
CHAN Kam-hung
Chan Yick Chun
Cheung Chun ho
Alberto Choi Sze Yick
Daniel Chui Ho Wa
Andrew Goatly
Lam Chung Ming
Anthony Poon Kit Sang
Herbert Tam Chi Ho
Tony Ting Ka Lam
Wong Chi Lok
Yeung Yun Loong
CHAN Kam-yan
CHEN, Alex
Cheung Shu Kan
Stephen Leung
PONG Chung-lam
SIU Wai-man
Ying Ee Ping
Yuen Kin Kwan

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